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Tefillin - Arizal

  • Mahudarim Tefillin Kosher L'chatchila
  • Arizal Script
  • Written by a Sofer, a yirei shamayim
  • Specify your preference in parshios, batim, retzuos
  • Beautiful complimentary Tefillin bag included

To configure your tefillin, please indicate one choice within each group. Items with a red asterisk are required.

If you need help with your tefillin configuration, please call us at 718-387-4983 or email to

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Order a beautiful pair of high quality, kosher l'mehadrin tefillin assembled to your exact specification. Arizal Script. Kosher l'chatchilla, written by an experienced sofer, a yirei shamayim. Specify your preference of parshios, batim and retzuos.


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