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We present the finest in Tefillin and Mezuzahs, either curated from the best sofrim or custom written and assembled by Merkaz Hasofrim, always with meticulous guidance and to your exact specifications.

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Your tefillin are the most important part of your day. Of course, your pair would be kosher l'mehadrin. But certainly you'd want it to be mehudar too. Built according to your specific tradition. A beautiful script. Meticulously assembled.

Whether you are purchasing a first pair for a Bar Mitzvah boy or are replacing a previous pair, you can be certain the pair you purchase from Merkaz Hasofrim will be all of the above.

We gladly provide guidance and advice during every aspect of your tefillin purchase so they will be a treasured possession for years to come.

Putting up mezuzahs in a new home? Replacing the ones that have served you for a while? Select from a curated collection of mezuzahs written by the best sofrim or have them custom written by Merkaz Hasofrim. Whichever you choose, purchase with assurance that you are getting the best.

Ask sofrus questions and get answers from Rabbi Shimon Zeide, a distinguished sofer STAM in Brooklyn, NY, with many years of experience.
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