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Send your tefillin andmezuzahs from anywhere to have them inspected and expertly repaired. Inspection service always ships free.

Is it time to have your tefillin or mezuzahs inspected? Are you miles away from a qualified sofer? Ship your tefillin and mezuzahs to us for inspection and we will contact you to discuss whatever needs to be repaired.

Shipping for inspection service is always free.

Tefillin and Mezuzah Inspection Services

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Tefillin Inspection
Regular price $180.00
Mezuzah Inspection
Regular price $20.00

Follow These Simple Steps

From this page, choose Tefillin Inspection or Mezuzah Inspection. From the product page, add to cart and proceed with the check out process as you would with any other product.

When we receive your order, we will send you a prepaid mailing label via email, which you can use to ship your tefillin and mezuzahs to us.

Once we receive your package, we will inspect your items and contact you about any necessary repairs.

You can learn sofrus with Rabbi Shimon Zeide. Contact us for course schedules of call 718-387-4983.
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