Magnets and Lightboxes

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  • Fluorescent Table Light

    This Fluorescent light is a very good light that will helps you with all your needs for writing, it will make you clearer and easier to write.. Learn More
  • Light Box

    Use the LightBox to trace directly above translucent sofrus templates. The brightness of the light is easily adjustable according to the thickness of the parchment, providing an easy to follow writing experience. Magnetic surface helps keep both the parchment and the template in place. Learn More
  • Magnets

    Magnets come in very handy when trying to keep parchment from curling or simply to keep it in place. Never worry about letters smudging while left unattended. Now you can be sure the parchment will stay secure in its place. Can be used with Parchment Magnetic Board or with the Light Box. Learn More
  • Magnifier Goggles

    These Magnifier Goggles are a super tool to use when writing extra small letterings. Whether you’re writing a small Megillah, inspecting Tefillin or anything else, here’s the tool you’ll love. Never strain your eyes again. Try Magnifier Goggles today and SEE the difference! Learn More
  • Parchment Magnetic Board

    This magnetic board is a practical way to keep pieces of curling parchment anchored for easier writing. Multiple small magnets are strong enough to keep even heavier pieces in place. Magnets included. Approximately 12" x 24".

    Learn More

5 Item(s)

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