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  • Black Tefillin Marker

    Black Tefillin marker is used to recolor Tefillin retzuos when the color has rubbed off. The marker format provides easy-to-apply dense black ink for total coverage. This Tefillin marker features BADATZ hechsher (rabbinical supervision). Learn More
  • Hadar Ink

    Hadar ink is an extra fine, high quality ink which can be used for all types of sofrus writing. It has superb ink flow and dries to an ultra-smooth, velvety black finish. Comes in a plastic bottle with a resealable cap. Available in amounts of 100 cc and in densities ranging from 17 to 21. Learn More
  • Isograph Pen

    Wow! Repair Parshios of Tefillin or Mezuzohs without the worry of creating new smudges or blotches. The Isograph Pen features a fine tip. This pen can be ordered empty or filled with your choice of ink. Learn More
  • Lucite Ink Well

    Lucite ink well is a substantial square-shaped holder for ink that is stable and will not tip over, preventing expensive ink spills. This ink well makes it easy to dip the quill and a special corner hole provides a place to rest the quill. Screw-on cap for easy ink storage. Measures 3" x 4" x 1.5". Learn More
  • Nahari Ink

    Nahari ink is a quality type ink with good flow that dries to a velvety black finish. It is available in three different densities (regular, thinner and thicker) and is ideal for all types of sofrus writing. Comes in a plastic bottle with recloseable cap. Available in amounts of 100 and 200 cc. Learn More
  • Nahari Ink Medalel

    Nahari Ink Medalel prevents waste of expensive sofrus ink and saves you money. Mix Medalel into stiff or hardened ink to soften and make it flow smoothly again. Nahari Ink Medalel can be used only with Nahari Ink. Learn More

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