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  • Steel Blade Handel

    Scored steel blade holder is compact, durable and easy to grasp. Surgical blades firmly attach to the handle for compact, easy cutting and maneuverability.

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  • Sirtut Scoring Tool

    The sirtut is a specialized tool for scoring parchment. Its crisp metal point creates precision lines and its non-slip wooden handle provides good grip and control. Tool is compact and sturdy and made to last.

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  • Safrus Kit From Rabbi E. Adam

    Complete kit for the "Safrus Course" by Rabbi E. Adam

    "For all students of rabbi adam please contact us for your coupon."

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  • Quill Splitter

    Sturdy steel tool has sharp precision blade to create a clean even split for maximum ink hold in the prepared tip of a natural feather quill.

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  • Magnifying Glass

    A good magnifying glass is an all important tool for writing or checking any type of sofrus work. The compact size of this 10X magnifying glass makes it practical and especially easy to use on small items with tiny letters. Comes with a sturdy case to keep the glass clean and scratch free. Approximate measurements: 1" x 1" x 1"

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  • Magnifier Goggles

    These Magnifier Goggles are a super tool to use when writing extra small letterings. Whether you’re writing a small Megillah, inspecting Tefillin or anything else, here’s the tool you’ll love. Never strain your eyes again. Try Magnifier Goggles today and SEE the difference! Learn More

  • Magnets

    Magnets come in very handy when trying to keep parchment from curling or simply to keep it in place. Never worry about letters smudging while left unattended. Now you can be sure the parchment will stay secure in its place. Can be used with Parchment Magnetic Board or with the Light Box. Learn More

  • Lucite Ink Well

    Lucite ink well is a substantial square-shaped holder for ink that is stable and will not tip over, preventing expensive ink spills. This ink well makes it easy to dip the quill and a special corner hole provides a place to rest the quill. Screw-on cap for easy ink storage. Measures 3" x 4" x 1.5". Learn More

  • Humidifier Temperature Tester

    Optimal humidity levels and room temperature are crucial to sofrus writing. This compact digital humidifier temperature tester can help determine whether conditions are right for writing and good ink drying.

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  • Hand Grip Exercise

    The #1 solution for aching and tiring hands, the Hand Grip Exercise is a must-have for every sofer / sofer-in-training. Grab the grip and strengthen your muscles by exercising your hands and fingers frequently. You won't believe the results; a better grasp of the quill, neater handwriting, and most-thrilling - no more aching hands and fingers after cutting quill / kulmus or hours of writing. Try it and you'll love it. Experience the feeling of relaxation, even after a full day's work. Learn More

  • Eraser Sticks (5 Pack)

    These handy eraser sticks work with the eraser machine to clear the parchment of inky spots or letters/words written in error. Learn More

  • Digital Caliper

    Simple to use, the Digital Caliper measures the squares of the Batim and the width of the Retzuos with 100 percent accuracy. The caliper is easily maneuvered around the Batim or Retzuos. The digital display is easy to read and shows perfect measurements. Measures 9.5" X 3.5". Learn More

  • Blade Holder with Plastic Handle

    Surgical blades attach firmly to this compact blade holder for precision cutting. The plastic handle will not irritate skin and provides good grip for easy cutting.

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  • Acrylic Ball Loupe Magnifiers

    Acrylic Ball 2x Loupe Magnifiers Learn More

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