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About Rabbi Shimon Zeide


Rabbi Shimon Zeide of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, New York has been an active, sought-after sofer and mohel for close to two decades.

His passion for what he does goes above and beyond the call of duty and is apparent to all who get to know him. Amicable by nature, Rabbi Zeide has a keen understanding towards people’s needs and desires, and has an obsession to fill that void. To date, Rabbi Zeide has trained over 200 successful sofrim around the globe and remains in constant contact with all of his former talmudim. Sofrim know the entrance-way is always clear; Rabbi Zeide guides and follows his fellow sofrim throughout their careers for many successful years to come.

Sofrim trained by Rabbi Zeide can honestly attest to the devotion with which Rabbi Zeide teaches, demonstrates and guides each talmud with utmost dedication, attentiveness and individuality. Rabbi Zeide emphasizes the importance of setting goals, striving for perfection, and continuous perseverance throughout the training process and beyond. With his warm words of encouragement and ever-so-soft demeanor, Rabbi Zeide remains at his students’ side constantly supplying them with the physical tools and mental support system, ensuring each Talmud achieves his ultimate goal of mastering the art of the Sofer STAM.