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  • Hilchos STAM MP3

    The Hilchos STAM CD is loaded with hilchos sofrus, taught with clarity and depth by Rabbi Yaakov Meir Stern. Shiurim in Yiddish are divided in MP3 format for your convenience, so you can listen to and study the halochos at your own pace. The Shiurim include all halochos pertaining to sofrus, from letter formation to klaf related issues and preparation, all you need to know about hidur, kashrus, kedusha, concepts on Tefillin and much more. All you need to know about sofrus in one convenient CD, the Hilchos STAM MP3 is a must-have for the sofer-in-training or the already budding sofer. Learn More
  • sefer Yalkut STam

    sefer Yalkut STam Learn More
  • Shiurim by Rabbi Stern in Yiddish

    Learn Hilchos STAM in the comfort of your home. Shiurim on Hilchos STAM given over in Yiddish by expert dayan, Rabbi Yaakov Meir Stern. This set of 8 tapes is sure to guide you and teach you all the ins and outs of hilchos sofris, ensuring a promising, successful sofris career. Learn More
  • Tefillin Book

    Beautifully illustrated Tefillin book contains fascinating information on how Tefillin are constructed from start to finish. See how parchment, ink, quills, batim, retzios and gidim are made and how Tefillin are assembled. Great gift idea for Bar Mitzvah or the budding sofer. Bound in beautiful full color laminated hard cover.

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4 Item(s)

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