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  • Shulchan Hasofer-Sofer's Special Table

    The Shulchan Hasofer, available exclusively at Merkaz Hasofrim is uniquely designed to fit the needs of the sofer. The table is 36.5 inches high, 34 inches wide and 28 inches in depth. The height of the table is easily adjustable to each individual’s comfortable position. The table top moves easily from side to side to facilitate the sofer while transitioning from one page to the other, so that you don’t have to move the klaf. The table is designed with an easy-reach rest area for the quill and ink at the top. It has a soft cushioned front to add comfort and keep the hands form tiring. The table is also equipped with a drawer for convenient storage space. *assembly required* Learn More
  • Fluorescent Table Light

    This Fluorescent light is a very good light that will helps you with all your needs for writing, it will make you clearer and easier to write.. Learn More
  • Nahari Ink

    Nahari ink is a quality type ink with good flow that dries to a velvety black finish. It is available in three different densities (regular, thinner and thicker) and is ideal for all types of sofrus writing. Comes in a plastic bottle with recloseable cap. Available in amounts of 100 and 200 cc. Learn More
  • Tefillin Book

    Beautifully illustrated Tefillin book contains fascinating information on how Tefillin are constructed from start to finish. See how parchment, ink, quills, batim, retzios and gidim are made and how Tefillin are assembled. Great gift idea for Bar Mitzvah or the budding sofer. Bound in beautiful full color laminated hard cover.

    Learn More
  • How Tefillin Are Made-Book

    Photographs, Diagrams, Laws and Explanations Detailing Every Stage of Tefillin's Production Learn More
  • How To Put On Tefillin-Book

    Photographs, Diagrams, Laws and Explanations Detailing the Proper Way to Don of Tefillin Learn More

6 Item(s)

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