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  • White Plastic Mezuzah Case

    This white plastic case is what you were looking for, cheap and good quality and will protect your mezuzah from getting ruined. White Plastic with gold letter. Learn More
  • Waterproof Mezuzah Case

    The Waterproof Mezuzah Case is available in a variety of colors with a gold letter. The waterproof factor protects the Mezuzah from rain or any other contact with water, which makes it convenient for indoor or outdoor use. Learn More
  • Custom Tefillin

    Order a beautiful pair of high quality, kosher l'mehadrin tefillin assembled to your exact specifications. Choose the components according to your mesorah or tradition. Specify your preference of parshios, batim and retzios. Finish off with your choice of complementary tefillin bag.

    To configure your tefillin, please check the boxes below as they appear according to your selections. Items with a red asterisk are required.

    Learn More

3 Item(s)

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